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Your Story

What's the need?

Who has the need?


People love, need and share stories.


Companies launching a new product?

CEOs that need help passing along passion, ideas, concepts and Philosophy of Ministry to  clients or even in-house

Quick videos for facebook,  blog, web site? Don't spend the money for one long production a year when we can 

offer you several short pieces that pop up on Facebook, load on a mobile device and are easy to change as your business ideas flow and  transform.  Keep the stories fresh and new.

Company Presidents with one point to speak or highlight for each month.

We can  help you creatively tell your story  in many ways and launch a new look every several weeks.

See this, hear this, do this, good stories are real and relevant. They share values.

Missionaries and ministries who need to offer quick words of encouragement, and hope each month.

Introduce new ideas, team members or celebrate people in your company.


Creative shoots for conferences, music videos for team building.  

How to videos: How to take it apart, how to put it together, how to build it, paint it, make it fly.

Humor and creative ideas are in great need.   Stories  help your followers lighten up or offer a new view.

Messages of hope or ideas of fund raising, training, and calling.

Stories of Health, Hope and Encouragement.

Facebook campaigns for small businesses.


What is your passion and why are you not telling more people your story?


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