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We help, create, Innovate

write, coach, shoot, edit 

and produce stories.

Contact us, the world is waiting for your story.

 Stop selling  and simply start telling a story.

Every mission, vision, product, business, ministry and organization needs a good story on the street.  Storytelling is still alive and well. 

Most stories  today can sweep the entire nation in several minutes. From 6 seconds to several minutes long you can share who you are what you do and why you make a difference. 

I still love the  porch to tell a good story, and that  style still works.  It will just take a bit longer to circulate the news compared to a tribe of people tuning in online.

Just be REAL, on target, and authentic.  I'll help you with ideas, script, voice, music, even  coaching and direction if you have the talent.   Let's tell your story.   

Great Storytellers are still out there,
this is quicker way to pass your story along.  
Send me a note at:
Or view many videos at

We wrote, shot, edited and  produced this Accua Lamp spot for their International Light show.

Concept : regular lamps dying out and  the birth of the new LEDs.


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