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Traveled as a singer, songwriter, storyteller, speaker,producer,  artist, play write, poet, author, blacksmith, master prop and widget builder, writer, wrangler, doodler, film, TV host.  He is the husband of a very creative, patience, loving wife a dad of three awesome children and "Roo" to 6 grand kids. 


 "I operate by this philosophy:  Strive to be a Creative Innovative Architect in all projects.

 I ministry within the realm of: interruptions, availability and spontaneity. Those quick story skills  figure into the mix and  make  fresh relevant stories.

Life's experiences are alway the best teacher.

I have lived a rich, blessed life of creative ideas, designs, and stories.  All of these skills, experiences, adventures, education by tried and tested  means, goes into helping bring your story, idea or concept to life.  Call me I answer my own phone.  If there is a way we can help you we will discover it.



Michael Haun

Sitting for a story.

When I finally sit down, I paint. When I finally settle down, I whittle.  When I whittle I think of my old Grand Dad's knife and then I'm storytelling again. Grant shot this on the back porch- unrehearsed.  Storytelling production is not supposed to be painful, it is suppose passionate.

 Let us help you share your story.

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